​​​Calcium Polysulfide has gained wide acceptance over the past three decades as a cost ​​effective reagent for permanent treatment of heavy metals in soil, water and air.

​​​​Calcium Polysulfide, commonly ​​known as Lime Sulfur, precipitates the highly soluble metals as less soluble, and non-toxic compounds. ​​The extend and rate of the precipitation is a function of the pH of the system.  Metal hydroxides change solubility with changes in pH.  Metal sulfides remain insoluble within a relatively wide pH range. Calcium Polysulfide typically forms sulfides with most metals and hydroxides in the case of chromium.   

Calcium Polysulfide has become a preferred reagent for in-situ remediation of chromium.  Hexavalent chromium (VI) is reduced to the insoluble form of trivalent chromium (Cr III), which is less toxic and tends to fall out of solution and adhere to soil.

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 Did you know...
  • ​​Calcium Polysulfide was first used for silver extraction by Kiss in 1860. (Kiss Process).
  • ​​It is more stable and persistent in subsurface remediation than other metal reductants.​​
  • ​​It is used extensively in agriculture.
  • ​​It is relatively safe to handle in the field.
Calcium Polysulfide Solution