REMOTOX (calcium polysulfide solution) has gained in popularity as a cost ​​effective reagent for permanent treatment of heavy metals in soil, water and air.

REMOTOX precipitates the highly soluble metals as less soluble, and non-toxic compounds. ​​The extend and rate of the precipitation is a function of the pH of the system. Metal hydroxides change solubility with changes in pH. Metal sulfides remain insoluble within a relatively wide pH range. REMOTOX typically forms sulfides with most metals and hydroxides in the case of chromium. 

REMOTOX has become a preferred reagent for in-situ remediation of chromium. Hexavalent chromium (VI) in the form of chromate ​(CrO4(2-)) is reduced to the insoluble form of trivalent chromium (Cr III), which is less toxic and tends to fall out of solution and adhere to soil. ​​Details, bench tests and case studies regarding chromium treatment and remediation by calcium polysulfide can be found in the ​Chromium(VI) Handbook.

​Graus Chemicals takes pride in offering REMOTOX to the environmental remediation industry - a specialty product manufactured here in the United States with over 50 years of tradition and experience. ​​​​Whether you are looking for product in drums, totes or in bulk truckload quantities, our company can meet your needs.
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Advantages of using REMOTOX for removing heavy metals from process wastewater:
  • High reactivity with heavy metal ions and extremely low solubility of resulting metal sulfides over a wide pH range.
  • ​​​​Chrome 6 is easily removed and does not need to be reduced prior to precipitation.​​
  • Dissolved calcium ions form a coagulant aid (Ca(OH)2).
  • Better settling and dewatering aspects of the metal sulfides, resulting in a more compact solid sludge.
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