Graus Chemicals is a privately held Arizona-based Corporation, established in 2010. The company is SBE/DBE certified by the City of Phoenix with its corporate office located in Carefree, Arizona.

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Assessment of REMOTOX®

Performed by an independent laboratory.

The scope of this study was to assess the potential of REMOTOX in cleaning up heavy metals from laboratory waste streams in an effort to reduce hazardous waste to the minimum quantity, thereby reducing transportation and disposal cost.

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Graus Chemicals supplies REMOTOX® to the environmental industry for the remediation of heavy metal-contaminated soil, sediments and groundwater as well as for the removal of heavy metals from process wastewater and flue gas.

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  • Calcium Polysulfide was first used by Kiss in 1860 for precipitating silver (Kiss Process).
  • Calcium Polysulfide has been used for soil and groundwater remediation activities since the mid-1980s.
  • Calcium Polysulfide is used extensively in agriculture as soil conditioner, crop nutrient and as organic crop pest and disease control.

Whether your project calls for REMOTOX deliveries in drums, totes, or tank trucks, please rest assured that we have the resources and flexibility to meet your site-specific needs. We have product available year-round at relatively short notice.

REMOTOX® is a registered trademark of Graus Chemicals.