When chemistry gives nature a helping hand.



REMOTOX for reduction and precipitation of heavy metals from process wastewater.

Product Quality

We use an independent, third-party testing laboratory to perform extensive, periodic analyses on our product to ensure it meets standard requirements for groundwater treatment, and to ensure product confirms to the specification.



REMOTOX for in-situ remediation of heavy metal-contaminated soil and groundwater.



REMOTOX for heavy metal capture in power plant waste and scrubber wastewater.

Customer Service

Our objective is to meet our customers' expectations each and every time. We plan to accomplish this through timely and effective communication for a full understanding of customers' needs and preferences.


We work with reputable trucking companies, who are dedicated to providing safe, reliable and on-time deliveries. However, customers may also arrange for their own transportation.

REMOTOX® for the Remediation of Multiple Contaminants in Soil, Water and Air.