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Our Approach

Our company is specialized in supplying REMOTOX® to the environmental industry. REMOTOX is a Calcium Polysulfide Solution, designed for the remediation of heavy metals in soil, sediments and groundwater as well as for the removal of heavy metal ions and inorganic compounds from various wastewater streams and flue gases. 

REMOTOX® is a non-toxic reagent that oxidizes under aerobic conditions to form calcium, sulfate and elemental sulfur. It has received a National Sanitation Foundation approval for use in potable aquifers, and is widely used in agricultural applications to fruit trees, berries and as a soil conditioner. 

REMOTOX® is manufactured here in the Western United States with regionally sourced raw materials. 


A non-toxic and sustainable solution.

Fairly safe to handle out in the field.

Relatively inexpensive and readily available.


A Calcium Polysulfide Solution, designed for remediation of heavy-metal contaminated soil and groundwater.