Graus Chemicals is one of the select few companies that can provide a year-round reliable supply of quality Calcium Polysulfide. We serve the environmental industry, focusing on three key segments: Industrial, Municipal and Mining.


Gaus Chemicals is a privately-held corporation registered in the State of Arizona. Our company is certified with the City of Phoenix as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Cert. No. 20202201. Since our founding in 2010, we have had the pleasure to serve many reputable companies in the environmental remediation industry. We feel proud and privileged to support our customers in their efforts to put nature back in place.

Whether your project calls for REMOTOX® deliveries in pails, drums, IBC totes or in tank truckload quantities, please rest assured that we have the resources and flexibility to meet your site-specific needs. Our customers know they can count on us for a consistent, reliable supply of quality product. REMOTOX® is manufactured here in the Western United States  and readily available, year-round.


REMOTOX® is manufactured in accordance with the quality standards suitable for its intended use. We perform comprehensive periodic analysis on our product to ensure it conforms to specifications and meets customer requirements. The analysis are carried out by an accredited third-party environmental laboratory and the reports are available upon customer's request.

Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction each and every time. We plan to accomplish this through timely and effective communication with our customers for a full understanding of their needs and preferences. We help define and document product specifications, orders, agreements, and procedures. We at Graus Chemicals are here to support our valued customers 24/7.


 We supply REMOTOX® Calcium Polysulfide to the environmental industry.